I Was Dead Before It Was Cool

2013-11-28 19:05:19 by CrazyBadB0y


 Hipsters has been dead long before it became a trend to commit suicide. So don't follow bad trends people

INFODeviantArt: Finished Picture: http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/art... Song: Xenogenocide - Quantum Theory Renegade

Hipster Rabbit

2013-03-22 05:31:53 by CrazyBadB0y

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well yeah i made a hipster rabbit.. instead of a necrotic rabbit.. but i like the way it turned.
finished picture http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/art/Hipster-Ra bbit-360721822
more of my art http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/
song 1# Bloc Party-Banquet
song 2# Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline

© Vetle Tessem

Necrotic Kitten

2013-02-23 12:55:30 by CrazyBadB0y

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another of my Grotesque Creature drawings..
i had the sketch for this one about right after i finished my Necro panda. but i didn't find it..
i just recently found it.. And here it is hope you like it as much as i do or even more.

i just want to tell you all that this is just a way to express art in a difference way then other,
no Real animals were harmed in the making of this Drawing.

i used around 2.hours
Music by: Berserkyd: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/516121
finished picture: http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/art/Necro-Kitt en-355953701
more of my at :http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/

© Vetle Tessem

Necro Spuirrle

2013-01-22 07:35:42 by CrazyBadB0y

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the first Necro pet i have made a speed paint out of.. i will be making more of these Necro Creatures in the future.. so if you like my work. why not subscribe..
you can also go to
more of my art

Basic Info:
Music by: Naildown55 - XXIII

Time used 2.37.56

Speed paint

2011-12-03 06:01:50 by CrazyBadB0y

i need more music for future Speed paints..
so if you have a sweet Beat you wana show me please do..

in this video i used music from http://xenogenocide.newgrounds.com/
Song :http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/458529
more from me http://crazybadb0y.deviantart.com/